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Jun 03

Tough Times by Charlotte Helgeson

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on June 3, 2022 at 10:11 AM by Genesis Gaule

What should I do? How can I help? 

Uff, the news is tough now. When we hear about people being hurt and killed, there is a tremendous amount of sadness our communities share. When the lives of children and our vulnerable are ended or permanently damaged, we feel a loss that can’t be easily removed.

So what do we do? How can we help?

Did you notice how the questions changed from the first line? From I to we. Yes, first I take care of myself. Then we look beyond ourselves and care for our community.

There is no fixing what has already happened, but we can look around us and see who needs our support, our consideration, patience, time and a fair shake. Even as I write this, tears build from the losses in our beautiful nation. 

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
--Soren Kierkegaard

Between backwards and forwards is now. Might I suggest we take the moment to pause. Breathe. Sincerely reflect on what has happened and consider what we’re going to do next. Let’s make conscious choices that will lead to a peaceful and beautiful place for all of us to live in safety. 

Our library offers materials that give ideas on how to locate peace during chaos or at least be reminded of its existence. The library shares these materials with patrons in hopes that there is a bit of comfort found in them. There is not an easy journey through tough times, but a smile goes a long, long way. Here are a few suggestions to find at the library:


  • can you say peaceCan you Say Peace? by Karen Katz
    Children around the world wish in many different languages for peace // Easy KATZ
  • When We Are Kind by Monique Gray Smith
    How the simple act of being kind affects all aspects of a child's life // Easy GRAY SMITH
  • Peace by Wendy Anderson Halperin
    How to promote world peace and find peace within oneself // Easy 172.42 HALPERIN
  • Wangari’s Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter
    How one woman’s passion, vision, and determination inspired great change // Easy 333.72 WINTER


  • humankindHuman(Kind) by Ashlee Eiland
    How reclaiming human worth and embracing radical kindness will bring us back together // 241.4 EILAND
  • The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci
    The unexpected benefits of leading a compassionate life // 177.7 FERRUCCI
  • Wild Communion by Ruth Baetz
    Experiencing peace in nature // 155.91 BAETZ
  • A Walk Around the Block by Spike Carlsen
    Explore the ordinary things we take for granted in our everyday life // 031.02 CARLSEN
  • World of Wonders by Aimee Nexhukumatathil
    In praise of fireflies, whale sharks, and other astonishments // 590 NEZHUKUMATATHIL

oil painting. idyllic lake with tree-covered mountains in background and a birch tree in foregroundEven a painting!

We can all be strong at times and have other times when a shoulder is needed. I have confidence in our community to offer that shoulder when needed. If each of us finds and offers a tiny bit of peace each day, our actions will help guide our elected officials, school administrators and employers to focus on keeping our communities safe. 

Jun 03

Book Notes 5/31/2021

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on June 3, 2021 at 1:38 PM by Genesis Gaule

Blog Book Notes


The Campbell Library is open to the public Monday/Friday (9am-5pm) and Tuesday/Thursday (10am-7pm). We also offer Front Door Pick Up and half hour appointments for browsing or computer use Wednesdays (9am-5pm).

A Cure for Darkness by Alex Riley

The Story of Depression and How We Treat It // What is depression? With depression rates becoming the leading burden of disease around the world, the world depends not just on new therapies, but on increasing the access for people who are currently without. Author Alex Riley dives deep into the treatment of depression, blending science, journalism, and memoir to illuminate one of the world’s most prevalent disorders.

616.85 RILEY

Featherhood by Charlie Gilmour

A Memoir of Two Fathers and a Magpie // One spring day, a baby magpie falls out of its nest and into Charlie Gilmour’s hands. Soon, Charlie and the bird have forged an unbreakable bond. A bird falls, a father dies, and a child is born. Featherhood is the unforgettable story of a love affair between a man and a bird. It is also a beautiful memoir about childhood and parenthood, captivity and freedom, grief and love.


No Common Ground by Karen L. Cox

Confederate Monuments and the Ongoing Fight for Racial Justice // When it comes to Confederate monuments, there is no common ground. Polarizing debates over their meaning have intensified into legislative maneuvering to preserve the statues, legal battles to remove them, and rowdy crowds taking matters into their own hands. In this narrative about the movements to raise, preserve, protest, and remove Confederate monuments, Karen L. Cox explores what these monuments mean to those who erected them as well as the stories of the civil rights activities, Black elected officials, and movements of ordinary people who fight to have them removed.

305.8 COX

My Broken Language by Quiara Alegría Hudes

A Memoir // Author of the libretto and screenplay of acclaimed Broadway show “In The Heights,” Quiara Alegría Hudes describes making her way through life lessons communicated in English, Spanish, and Spanglish. Weaving together Hudes's love of books with the stories of her family, the lessons of North Philly, and those of Yale, this is an inspired exploration of home, memory, and belonging.

862.7 HUDES

If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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Mar 01

Book Notes 3/1/2021

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on March 1, 2021 at 11:01 AM by Genesis Gaule

Open books and the words book notes


The Campbell Library is open to the public Mondays/Fridays (9am-5pm) and Tuesdays/Thursdays (4-7pm). We also offer Front Door Pick Up and half hour appointments for browsing or computer use Wednesdays (9am-5pm) and Tuesdays/Thursdays (9am-4pm).

All About Anxiety by Carrie Lewis

Anxiety is something that plagues everyone at some point in our lives. It comes through anything from normal worries to outright fear. But what causes anxiety? And what can we do about it? All About Anxiety tackles these questions. Readers will learn what's going on in their brain when they feel anxious and how to manage it so they can thrive.

155.4 LEWIS

How We Got to the Moon by John Rocco

The People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity's Greatest Adventure // Everyone knows of Neil Armstrong's famous first steps on the moon. But what did it really take to get us there? This book tells the stories of the 400,000 unsung heroes and their innovations that allowed NASA to achieve this unparalleled accomplishment.

629.454 ROCCO

Trending by Kira Vermond

How and Why Stuff Gets Popular // Fads and trends: How do they start? Why do they spread? And how deep can their impact be? Although trends might seem trivial, if you dig deeper, you’ll find that our desire to chase the next big thing can have an even bigger impact than expected.


American Pandemic by Nancy Bristow

The Lost Worlds of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic // Between the years 1918 and1920, influenza raged around the globe in the worst pandemic in recorded history, killing at least fifty million people, more than half a million of them Americans. Yet despite the devastation, this catastrophic event seems but a forgotten moment in our nation's past.


If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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