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Apr 03

Book Notes 2/6/2023

Posted to Book Notes on April 3, 2023 at 10:32 AM by Robyn Benda

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To the Realization of Perfect Helplessness by Robin Coste Lewis

From the National-Book-Award-winning poet who changed the way we see the Black female figure, a continuation of that journey in a genre-bending coming together of poem and photography, toward a new definition of human migration.

811.6 LEWIS

Going Dark by Melissa de la Cruz

When 19-year-old Josh returns from Rome without his budding influencer girlfriend Amelia, he immediately becomes a suspect in her disappearance, but as college sophomore and hacker Harper attempts to clear his name, she unearths secrets from both Josh and Amelia's past.

Young Adult DE LA CRUZ

Bloodbath Nation by Paul Auster

souls speak

Eighty thousand wounded and forty thousand dead, or one hundred and twenty thousand ambulance calls and emergency room cases for every twelve-month tick of the clock, but the toll of gun violence goes far beyond the pierced and bloodied bodies of the victims themselves. However, with the vast brigade of lives touched by the presence of a single person who lives or has lived among them- the number of Americans directly or indirectly marked by gun violence every year must be tallied in the millions.

363.3309 AUSTER

In the Upper Country by Kai Thomas

Traveling along the path of the Underground Railroad from Virginia to Michigan, from the Indigenous nations around the Great Lakes, to the Black refugee communities of Canada, In the Upper Country weaves together unlikely stories of love, survival, and familial upheaval that map the interconnected history of the peoples of North America in an entirely new and resonant way.


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