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Aug 29

Book Notes 8/22/2022

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on August 29, 2022 at 9:27 AM by Genesis Gaule

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Our September Book Club pick is Educated by Tara Westover. Check it out and then join us on Monday, September 27 at 6 pm to discuss. More information...

Path Lit by Lightning by David Maraniss

The Life of Jim Thorpe // Jim Thorpe rose to world fame as a mythic talent who excelled at every sport. But despite his colossal skills, Thorpe's life was a struggle against the odds. But for all his travails, Thorpe did not succumb. The man survived, complications and all, and so did the myth.

796.092 THORPE

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

A heartbreaking and hilarious memoir by iCarly and Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy about her struggles as a former child actor--including eating disorders, addiction, and a complicated relationship with her overbearing mother--and how she retook control of her life.

791.4502 MCCURDY

Mothercare by Lynne Tillman

On Obligation, Love, Death, and Ambivalence // This is at once a cautionary tale, and also a reverential invitation for any caretaker who can relate to suddenly becoming responsible for the life management practices of a parent, loved or not. This story may be helpful, informative, consoling, or upsetting, and it never fails to underscore how impossible it is to get the job done completely right.

616.85 TILLMAN

Acceptance by Emi Nietfeld


A Memoir // Candid and frequently harrowing, with a ribbon of dark humor, this book is a stunning human story and an invaluable view of the actual cost of upward mobility.


If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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Dec 28

Book Notes 12/28/20

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on December 28, 2020 at 1:26 PM by Genesis Gaule

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Spirit Run by Noé Álvarez

A 6,000-mile marathon through North America's stolen land // Álvarez, the son of working-class Mexican immigrants, flees a life of labor in fruit-packing plants and drops out of school where he struggled to fit in to run in a Native American marathon from Canada to Guatemala.

Inge’s War by Svenja O'Donnell

A German Woman's Story of Family, Secrets, and Survival Under Hitler // O’Donnell tells her grandmother’s story as a German during World War II, from falling in love with a man who was sent to the Eastern Front just after she became pregnant, to spearheading her family’s flight as the Red Army closed in.

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

In a peaceful retirement village, four friends meet weekly to discuss unsolved crimes. When a local developer is found dead, they find themselves in the middle of their first live case.

The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton

1634: Samuel Pipps, the world’s greatest detective, is being transported to be executed for a crime he may, or may not have, committed, traveling with his loyal body guard. But no sooner are they out to sea than devilry begins to blight the voyage.

If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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