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May 23

Book Notes 5/15/2023

Posted to Book Notes on May 23, 2023 at 3:39 PM by Genesis Gaule

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Our May Book Club pick is Kindred by Octavia Butler. Check it out and then join us on Tuesday, May 30 at 6 pm to discuss. More information...

Felonious Monk by William Kotzwinkle

Meet Tommy Martini, the monk with an anger management problem. Since killing somebody with a single punch is not a needed talent in a monastery, he spends his time praying, meditating, and taking his anger management medicine. But his meditations are interrupted by a legacy from his uncle, a crooked priest.

Mystery KOTZWINKLE Felonious v.1

Tenacious Beasts by Christopher J. Preston

Wildlife recoveries that change how we think about animals // This book tracks-and tries to understand-the dramatic rebounds of wildlife populations that have reached numbers unimaginable in a century. It shines a light on species returning to forests and farms, prairies and oceans, rivers and cities. It asks how these transformations can be happening and what they have to teach.


The Stars of Mount Quixx  by S.M. Beiko

Sent away for the summer, the Ivyweather sisters were promised a family vacation by their wealthy, indifferent parents. Two at-odds opposites -- Constance an anxious society sweetheart and Ivory an adventure-struck rebel -- the sisters aren't sure what to make of the dangerously decayed town of Quixx and its creeping fog that never seems to lift. But they soon discover that something far more monstrous than beasts lurks in Quixx, and it's poised to crush this sleepy mountain town, along with the dreams of those in it.

Young Adult BEIKO Brindlewatch v.1

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