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Mar 22

Book Notes 3/22/21

Posted on March 22, 2021 at 2:10 PM by Genesis Gaule

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The Campbell Library is open to the public Mondays/Fridays (9am-5pm) and Thursdays (10am-7pm). We also offer Front Door Pick Up and half hour appointments for browsing or computer use Wednesdays (9am-5pm), Tuesdays (9am-7pm), and Thursdays (9am-10am).

The Beauty of What Remains by Steve Leder

How Our Greatest Fear Becomes Our Greatest Gift // As the senior rabbi of one of the largest synagogues in the world, Steve Leder has learned over and over again the many ways death teaches us how to live and love more deeply by showing us not only what is gone but also the beauty of what remains.

306.9 LEDER

Lost Companions by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Reflections on the Death of Pets // Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason takes a very thoughtful approach to the topic of losing a pet. It fills a specific demand for a meaningful book on pet loss. The author allows the readers to explore through their own grief and meaningful ways to remember their best friends.

636.0887 LP MASSON

Craft: An American History by Glenn Adamson

Glenn Adamson reveals how makers have always been central to America's identity. Adamson documents how craft has long been implicated in debates around inequality, education, and class, as well as America's failures to live up to its loftiest ideals.

680.973 ADAMSON

No-Fail Favorite Eats by Katrina Jorgensen

This book has all of the food kids love to eat but don't know how to make. These kid-cook friendly recipes are easy, delicious, and fun to make. Everything classic comfort food should be.


If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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