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Nov 13

My Favorites by Acacia James

Posted on November 13, 2020 at 2:17 PM by Genesis Gaule

Have you ever had a book that has stuck with you even after you’re done reading it? It might be a compelling plot, an epic fight scene, or even just the first sentence of a book that has always kept you hooked. I certainly have! This is one of the best things about books, at least in my opinion. When a book is so amazing that you can’t forget about it even months later that is a great book. I’m going to share some of my favorites from some books that I have read and absolutely loved!

Favorite First Sentence: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

“The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit.”

This sentence stopped me in my tracks the second I read it. It caught me so off guard I didn’t know what to do. It immediately made me imagine that image in my head and it almost made me laugh out loud. In all of my time of reading, no book has made me stop and think so much by the first sentence. I read this series of books in the 8th grade, and I am a senior in high school now, but this sentence has still stayed with me.

Favorite Character Arc: Shatter Me by Tahererh Mafi

Aaron Warner

Throughout the series, my favorite character arc is that of Aaron Warner. I love his arc so much! If I had just read the first book and you were to describe how the end of series Aaron was to me, I would have been dumbfounded. There was absolutely no way that I would have predicted how he turned out. I won’t spoil too much because you should really read this series (It’s my favorite!), but the author Tahererh Mafi has a way with character development that I absolutely love!

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Favorite Descriptive Book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

“The towering tents are striped in white and black, no golds and crimsons to be seen. No color at all, save for the neighboring trees and the grass of the surrounding fields. Black-and-white stripes on grey sky; countless tents of varying shapes and sizes, with an elaborate wrought-iron fence encasing them in a colorless world. Even what little ground is visible from outside is black or white, painted or powdered, or treated with some other circus trick. [...] You stand in the fading light, the scarf around your neck pulled up against the chilly evening breeze, waiting to see for yourself exactly what kind of circus only opens once the sun sets.”

For description alone, I love this book. It is a beautifully descriptive love story. This is the most detailed book I have ever read. The scenes are enticing and imaginative. They are so exquisite, that you can visualize and see everything in your head. This is also the only book, because of it’s expert description, that I have ever read that uses the 2nd perspective. That is when the author is putting the reader into the story.

Also available in ebook

I could talk more about some of my favorites, but alas, I can only write so much. Instead, I urge you to ponder about some of your favorites. If you can, write a comment down below and tell us some of your favorites, and if not us, tell your friends! It can be your favorite beginning, ending, fight scene, surprice, setting and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless.


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