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Oct 23

Dilemmas of a Booklover by Miranda Millette

Posted on October 23, 2020 at 1:18 PM by Genesis Gaule

If you love books as much as I do, then you know that being a booklover isn’t easy. From having a too long reading list to feeling bummed because you don’t have anything to read, there are many dilemmas that you must face, such as…

Which books should I bring?
It’s time to pack for your vacation! Hmmm, you’re half way through your book, so you’ll need an extra book in case you finish it. But what if you end up having tons of time to read and you read through your extra book too? Or what if you don’t like your extra book? By the end of it, you probably have waaaay too many books with you and not enough room in your bag! Oh well, better to be safe than sorry...

I’ll just read one chapter.
photo of child reading a book by flashlight under covers
It’s nearly midnight and you had a busy day today and an important meeting early the next morning. But what about the killer that’s on the loose? Or the budding romance between the shy girl and the outgoing boy? Hmmm, one chapter couldn’t hurt…(we all know it won’t be just one chapter). 

NOOOO! I need the next book NOW! 
You reach the end of your book only to find a cliffhanger! Frantically, you search for where you can get the next book only to find that it hasn’t been released yet. The wait for the next book in a series can be absolutely agonizing. Now comes the task of keeping yourself occupied with other books as you count down the days until the release date...

Leave me alone!
Don't bother me I'm reading cat with glasses looking stern
When it’s time to read, it’s time to read. Preferably with no distractions or interruptions. Sometimes though, the world just doesn’t get the hint that usually when you have a book out, you don’t want to be bothered. Sometimes your pets decide that you just must attend to them right this second. Or your family just needs to have an in depth discussion about this or that. Hello? Can’t you see I’m busy reading right now? 


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