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Oct 08

[ARCHIVED] How I Cope by Acacia James

The original item was published from October 2, 2020 1:57 PM to October 8, 2020 3:21 PM

Attending school during a pandemic is no easy feat! What we are all facing is new, and unexplored territory. This can be very nerve racking. East Grand Forks schools are lucky. We as a district are able to attend school in person part time and online during the off days, but in turn, this can create a good deal of stress. We are now asked to go back and forth, keep track of classes and assignments, and have to be more organized in order to succeed. All of this stress and anxiety can be hard on everyone, but what we chose to do with that stress will make all the difference in our 2020-2021 school year.


We can go throughout the year having anxiety about school and all that comes with it, or we can learn to deal with that stress and anxiety before it becomes a problem. I personally have anxiety about a lot of things. I worry, and I stress out until I eventually break. It becomes too much. One way I have learned to cope with these feelings is through reading. Now don’t turn away because someone from the library is being cliche and telling you that you should read. I promise it’s not like that! This is how I personally cope. It’s different for everyone, and that’s okay! For me, I need to get away when I’m stressed. I need to forget about my problems for a little bit and relax. Even if it is only for five minutes. I notice I start to feel better when I am able to put away my problems for a little bit and clear my head.

While my stress reliever might be reading there are many other ways to do the same thing. You could run, draw, listen to music, build something with Legos, shoot hoops, and so much more. Whatever calms you, do it!

How do these activities help? Well, imagine you are stuck in the woods and don’t know where to go. What are you going to feel? Panic? Worry? Whatever you are going through you know one thing; you want to get out. Instead of laying down and giving up, you would want to find a way to escape. If you are able to slow down, think, maybe climb a tree or, in other words, find our outlet for stress, you will find that you are able to see the bigger picture and find a way out of the woods.


Knowing how I cope has helped me immensely during this crazy school year. I hope that you can find your outlet for stress, and use it as a way to cope with all of the craziness that is going on around us each and every day. I implore you to look on the bright side of things, slow down, and find a way out of the woods