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Jul 02

On This Day: 1881 Independence Day Hail

Posted on July 2, 2021 at 4:36 PM by Genesis Gaule

Old photograph showing chicken egg-sized hail that fell in 1911

Fun as it is for small bits of ice to rain from the sky, or to bask in the fresh rain in midsummer; sometimes it’s better to enjoy a storm under a sturdy roof. 

This image, found in A Meeting of the Reds: East Grand Forks 1887-1987, Volume 2 (Page 672) from our catalog, shows hailstones larger than chicken eggs that fell in East Grand Forks on July 4, 1911. Mother-Nature must’ve thrown quite a light show that July!

Interested in more Red River Valley history? Check out our RRV special collection at our library!


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