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Apr 12

Book Notes 4/12/21

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 3:25 PM by Genesis Gaule

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The Campbell Library is open to the public Mondays/Fridays (9am-5pm) and Thursdays (10am-7pm). We also offer Front Door Pick Up and half hour appointments for browsing or computer use Wednesdays (9am-5pm), Tuesdays (9am-7pm), and Thursdays (9am-10am).

Can You Protect Coral Reefs? by Michael Burgan

An interactive eco adventure // Pollution, climate change, and overfishing are killing the world's coral reefs. This book will help you navigate through three different stories in this ecological rescue mission. With dozens of possible story outcomes, it's up to you to save the coral reefs from extinction. The planet needs you. Will you chose to help?

639.97 BURGAN

Can You Save a Tropical Rainforest? by Eric Braun

An interactive eco adventure // The world's tropical rain forests are being destroyed. Navigate through three different scenarios in this rain forest rescue mission. With dozens of possible story outcomes, it is up to you to save the rain forests before they disappear forever. The planet needs you. Will you pick the right path?

333.75 BRAUN

I Heard God Laugh by Matthew Kelly

A Practical Guide to Life's Essential Daily Habit // When our bodies are hungry, our stomachs growl. When our souls are hungry, we become irritable, confused, and overwhelmed. Are you taking care of your soul? Or are you ignoring it and neglecting it? The reality is, most people have never really been taught how to tend their souls. I Heard God Laugh will help you to do just that, and so much more.

248.32 KELLY

Certain and Impossible Events by Candace Jane Opper

Certain and Impossible Events centers on the death of a fourteen year old boy who shot and killed himself. Haunted by the hazy circumstances around her classmate’s death, Candace Jane Opper takes a dive into the history of suicide in America, and interrogates the ways suicide is handed down to us. She creates space for readers to embrace a radical kind of unforgetting.

362.28 OPPER

If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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