Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons will be responsible for any loss or damage beyond normal wear which occurs to any library materials listed on accounts for which they are responsible, including any dependent accounts.

  • Newsletter Events (16)Long-overdue materials become LOST after 180 days. At this time, a patron will be liable for replacement of said materials.
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended once the estimated value of fines and lost or damaged materials exceeds $20.00.

Compensation for lost or damaged materials:

  1. Patrons may choose to pay the total replacement value of the lost or damaged materials as assessed by the Acquisitions Librarian or the Library Director.
  2. Patrons may purchase a compensatory number of materials from the Library’s Materials Wishlist
    • You may purchase Wishlist items from any retailer. 
    • The purchased item doesn't need to be the same as the lost/damaged item. For example, if you lost 6 books, you can purchase any 6 books from the wishlist as replacements.
    • Items must be NEW and in the specified binding (hardcover, etc).
    • Items can be brought or shipped to the library with your name and account/barcode number noted so the charge can be cleared from your account.

For more details, see the circulation policy [PDF] or contact us by phone or email.