Recitational Fires

The City of East Grand Forks allows recreational fires.  Recreational fire must follow City Ordinances and Minnesota State Fire Code requirements.   

Definitions                                                                                                                                                                                           Recreational Fire: Afire set with approved starter fuel no more than three feet in height and three foot in diameter.  Contained within the border of a recreational fire site using dry, clean wood; producing little detectable smoke, odor of soot beyond the property line.  For the purpose of recreational, ceremonial or food preparation. 

Recreational Fire Site: An area no more than a three foot diameter circle (measured from the inside of the fire ring or border).  Completely surrounded by non-combustible and non-smoke or odor producing material, either natural rock, cement, brick, block, tile or metal.  On an area that is depressed below ground, on the ground or on a raised bed.  Included are permanent outdoor wood burning fireplaces and manufactured portable fire pits.                                                                                                              Burning barrels are not a recreational fire site as defined herein. 

Requirements for recreational fires:

  1. Only fire wood is permitted to be burned.  No rubbish, yard waste, construction debris, plastic material, or manufactured wood products (plywood, treated wood) will be allowed.  
  2. Fire must be contained within a described Recreational Fire Site.
  3. Recreational Fire Site shall not be located closer than 25 feet to any structure.
  4. An adult must be present at all times until fire is extinguished. 
  5. A means to extinguish the fire must be present at all times.  (Portable fire extinguisher or charged garden hose).
  6. Must respect weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans, health and safety.
  7. Extinguished completely wen finished.
  8. Recreational fires must be immediately extinguished if they pose a fire safety risk, if they are not in compliance with the above, or when directed to do so by the fire official. 

Jeff Boushee                                                                                                                                                                                           Fire Chief