Building Committee

In February 2021, the East Grand Forks City Council and the Parks & Recreation Department sought to form a volunteer Building Committee, with the goal of focusing their time and expertise to researching and exploring improvement options at our communities recreation facilities. Specifically our arenas, Civic Center, VFW Memorial Arena, and Blue Line Arena, and the Stauss Park Baseball complex. 

Goals & Objectives of the Building Committee include:

  • Conduct a Needs Assessment of our current recreation facilities
  • Including:
    • Building deferred maintenance
    • Building code compliance requirements
    • Consider current and potential future use of facilities
  • Determine list of facility needs and wants and the estimated project cost for each 
  • Guide and recommend final project scope of work, including total budget consideration
  • Review potential project funding opportunities and recommend to City Council
  • Present and report all findings and recommendations to the City Council
  • Carry through directives of the City Council through improvement project planning and design

Building Committee members:

  • Blake Karas, Sacred Heart Principal/Activities Director
  • Bobby Lukkason, Parks & Recreation Commissioner
  • Brandon Boespflug, EGF Blue Line Club president
  • Dustin Frize, EGF Senior High Baseball Coach
  • Garret Hjelle, EGF resident
  • Judd Stauss, EGF resident
  • Karen Peterson, Northern Lights Figure Skating Club president
  • Marla Wolfe, Parks & Recreation Commissioner
  • Scott Koberinski, EGF Senior High Activities Director

Meeting Agendas & Notes