Set Up and Use Libby

If you want to checkout and read e-books and e-audiobooks on your phone or tablet, you'll want to install the Libby app. Learn how below:

Q R code for Libby App

Download Libby from the Apple App Store Opens in new window

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To use the Overdrive and the Libby App you will need your library card barcode number and the password for your account. 

To reset your password or to activate your account, contact us at (218) 773-9121. 

dyslexic font available in Libby ereader

Did you know?

Libby can make books friendly for readers with dyslexia!

To enable the font: 

  • Open your books
  • Tap the A at the top right of the screen 
  • Scroll down and choose OpenDyslexic.

How to Use the Libby App

Click the image above to start the tutorial.

Click theniche-lessonsbutton on the top right to navigate to a specific lesson.

Click theniche-prevandniche-nextbuttons below the tutorial video to navigate to the next or previous lesson.


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