Food Truck or Vending Wagon Information

Food Truck/Vending Wagon/Food Stand Information

The City does require a city license for vending wagons or what are more commonly called food trucks or temporary food stands.  The City does not have an inspector on staff so Administration office staff works with both the Minnesota Department of Health and/or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to make sure the food trucks or the temporary stand have been inspected and have been approved to serve in Minnesota.  Once the state license has been confirmed as valid there is a simple form and a fee of $25 per day or $100 for the year for a vending wagon license.  This license runs from January 1 to December 31st of each year.  The license application can be found on the business menu or by clicking on Vending Wagon Application.

The phone number for the Minnesota Department of Health Fergus Falls office is (218) 332-5150.  

The phone number for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture inspector of this region is (218) 242-4579.  Andrea Schue is the current inspector for this region.

Fire Inspection Required

The State Legislature added laws requiring fire inspections for food trucks or temporary food stands.  An inspection would be completed on food trucks or temporary food stands by the Fire Department prior to serving food.  A fire inspection can be scheduled by calling the Fire Department at (218) 773-2403.  

The following are highlights for the Fire Safety Inspection. The inspection is not limited to this list. For more detailed info refer to the Minnesota State Fire Marshals Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles inspection checklist.

  • Cooking equipment that produces grease-laden vapors is protected be a type I commercial kitchen exhaust hood (MSFC 319.1)
  • Exhaust hood inspected and cleaned annually (MSFC 607.3.3.3)
  • Exhaust hood is equipped with fire suppression system. (MSFC 319.4.1 7 904.2.2)
  • Suppression system has been inspected and tested within 6 months (MSFC 904.5.5)
  • Portable fire extinguishers class K and minimum one 2A10BC (906.4 & 906.3)
  • Listed LP gas alarm is present (MSFC 319.8.5)
  • LP system has been inspected by a approved agency annually (MSFC 319.10.3)
  • LP cylinders are securely mounted to the vehicle (MSFC 319.8.2)
  • Maximum amount of LP does not exceed 200 lbs. (MSFC 319.8.1)

If you have further questions, please contact the Administration Office at (218) 773-2483 for assistance.