Housing Programs

Housing Programs

Property Tax Rebate Program 

The City, Polk County, and the EGF School District collaborate to rebate property taxes to people who purchase new homes in the City.  After the homes come up to full tax value, the homeowner pays the tax bill.  The three jurisdictions refund the payments during the following year.

Landscaping Program 

The City will rebate up to $500 for trees and shrubs purchased for new homes.  The City values the curb appeal of its residential communities and incents new homeowners to beautify their homes.

Builders Incentive Program 

Provides resources for homes to be built on City-owned lots. The City will require $1,000 in earnest money per lot with the remainder due at the time of sale or three years. Construction must be completed within eight months of Agreement.

Down Payment Assistance Program 

The Polk County Single Family Housing Fund provides down payment assistance. Contact NW MN Multi-County HRA at 218/637-2431 for information or to apply.

US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Programs 

USDA RD has several programs that facilitate home buying. EGF residents will become eligible for the programs on June 4, 2018.  The programs have been available throughout Polk County except in EGF because of its proximity to Grand Forks.