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You now have a choice to service your home or business with electricity from renewable sources!

Residential Customers

Residential customers can choose to have 50%, 75% or 100% of your electricity come from renewable sources for a low flat fee per month. The following charges would be added to your monthly utility bill for the percentage of renewable energy you choose:

  • 50% - $1/month
  • 75% - $2/month
  • 100% - $3/month

To sign up for this program, you can sign up online, or you can call our office and let our customer service staff know that you would like to participate in the program - 218-773-1163.

Business Customers

Business customers have the opportunity to have 100% of your electricity come from renewable sources with our "Clean Energy Choice for Business" program. Participants will be recognized with a program certificate and window decal to show your efforts to your customers!

Program Pricing

An incremental charge of $0.0016 per kilowatt hour above regular retail rates. The charge is applied to all kilowatt hour in excess of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard.

  • Example: A customer that uses 10,000 kilowatt hours per month would pay a monthly program surcharge of $16.00. (10,000 multiplied (100%-20%) multiplied $0.002)

Sign Up Today

Sign-Up Today by scanning the QR code below or calling our office at 218-773-1163 to get more information!

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