AAA Information

Tap into AAA Public Relations Resources Listed below are some of the most prominent AAA websites available for anyone and everyone to access. Some are dedicated to specific demographic groups and some are dedicated to specific issues. Visit them often as information is updated frequently. Agencies are also encouraged to add any or all of these links to their websites to support their community outreach efforts.

Teen Driving- Designed to provide information to parents and teens about the pre-permit, permit and provisional license stage in every state. It’s intended to reduce the stress on parents and teens as they progress through this rite of passage.
Senior Driving- Helps senior drivers stay safe drivers for as long as possible. This website includes information about identifying and adapting to visual, cognitive and physical changes senior drivers experience over time.
Fuel Gauge Report and Fuel Cost Calculator- Provides information about gas prices across the country, within each state and major regional area. The website also provides trend information for the past year.
AAA Living Magazine- Encompasses all AAA National press releases for anyone to peruse. This website includes press releases on fuel, safety, travel, discounts and publications.
Prevent Driving Under the Influence- Designed to provide information on a wide range of issues related to impaired driving and how to prevent it.

Furthermore, we encourage your agency to stay up to date with all happenings within the AAA family via:

Travel Twitter
Safety Twitter
News Twitter
Auto Twitter