Flood Information

The City of East Grand Forks is Prepared for Flooding

The City of East Grand Forks is prepared for flooding and is able to take action when necessary. 

Information residents may want to know includes:

  • The flood protection system has been certified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers up to a river stage of approximately 60 feet.
  • The City communicates with the United States Army Corps of Engineers as well as state and national officials on a regular basis regarding a potential flood event.
  • The City monitors river conditions and receives regular updates from the National Weather Service related to flood outlooks.
  • The City has procured the necessary supplies and materials for flood protection.   

Flood Zone Documentation

The City is protected by a levee and flood wall system and according to Federal Emergency Management Agency the City is no longer located in the flood plain.  From time to time residents may be asked to provide the documentation stating this.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency documentation is what should be provided when requested.  

Flood Insurance Rate Map

The Flood Insurance Rate Map of East Grand Forks is used in administering the National Flood Insurance program.  This map was revised after the flood protection system was completed and has been effective as of January 2, 2008.  

Flood Web Cam

The City Water and Light Department has set up a Flood Webcam overlooking the Red River from downtown East Grand Forks.

Additional Information Resources

Polk County Emergency Management can be reached at 218-281-0437 or by calling the Sheriff's Office at 218-281-0437. Information can also be found on the Polk County website by clicking on Special Announcements towards the bottom of the page.  

On the National Weather Service website you are able to see up-to-date information on river levels click on the state of Minnesota and then on the Rivers and Lakes Tab to see current river levels or by clicking on the Current River Levels or National Weather Service under the Quick Links on the right side of this page.

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