1. campbell creates glue batik

    Campbell Creates: Glue Batik

    Kit Pickup Starts: Mon, May 10 // Zoom Class: Tues, May 18 @ 6:00 pm // Create a beautiful batik fabric print with glue! Read on...
  2. anime club in person

    Anime Club: In-Person!

    Join us in-person Thurs, May 20 @ 5:30 pm // We'll be watching some Pokemon and talking about all things anime. Registration is required. RSVP with Cody at crasmussen@egflibrary.org Read on...
  3. Camp Campbell 2021 Summer Reading Program

    Summer Reading Program

    Grades K-5 // June 14 - August 5, 2021 // Dive into fun at Camp Campbell--Each week, we'll experiment, create, and explore something new! Read on...
  4. RALF: Random Awesome Library Fun

    RALF: Random Awesome Library Fun!

    Grades 6-12 // June 17 - August 5 // Thursdays @ 3:30 pm // If you like gaming, reading, crafts, music, food, or having fun, check us out. We'll have a new awesome activity every week! Read on...
  5. puzzle-exchange

    Puzzle Exchange

    Thurs, June 10 @ 5:30 - 6:30 pm // Leave a puzzle - any size, any kind - take a puzzle! We are taking extra care with this event in order to maximize safety. Read on...
  6. new-hours-2021-04

    Updated Services & Hours

    Starting April 26 // Expanded open to the public hours on Tuesday! See schedule for full details. Full schedule...
  7. A box of donated books with an X superimposed over it

    No Donations

    While we always appreciate your generosity, we are unable to accept book donations at this time due to Covid-19. Thank you! Read on...
  8. Front Door Pickup

    Front Door Pick Up

    Front Door Pickup Days: Wednesdays. Request your items through the catalog, by phone, or by email. The library staff will contact you to set up your pick up time. Read on...
  9. weather-siren

    Severe Weather Warning Sirens

    When the sirens sound, it's not safe to be outside due to tornadic or possibly severe weather--get inside and take shelter. If needed, storm shelters are designated at the Civic Center, VFW Arena, and EGF Fire Department. Read on...
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