Bicycle Safety

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control more then 700 people die as a result of bicycle related injuries each year in the United States In 2001, 59% of bicycle related injuries were by children 15 years of age or younger.

To make sure you don't end up as a statistic follow these steps:

  • Wear a bike helmet at all times. The most serious bike injuries are to the head.
  • Always strap on an approved safety helmet before you ride. Helmets are an essential element to bicycle safety.
  • Try to keep your bike in good shape.
  • Always let cars and people go first.
  • Slow down and check traffic at all corners
  • Follow the same rules as other traffic.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing.
  • Keep both hands on the handle bars except when doing turn signals.
  • Walk across busy streets.
  • Stay off busy streets.
  • Don't do stunts!
  • Don't ride double!
  • Don't hitch rides!
  • Never go in and out of traffic!
  • Never go between two cars!
  • Don't Leave Your Bike Unlocked
  • Don't Ride At Night

For more on turn signals and bike safety visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's page on Bike Safety.