City Candidate Information & Campaign Report Filings

The candidate filing period was from July 28th to August 11th. Candidates are listed in the order they file for the council position they are running for.  Positions up for election in 2020 include:

  • Ward 1 Council Member
    • Clarence Vetter                                
  • Ward 3 Council Member
    • Timothy Riopelle                                
  • Ward 5 Council Member
    •  Mark Olstad
  • At-Large Council Member
    • Justin LaRocque
    • Frank Wirsing
    • Per Wiger
    • Brian Larson
    • Mohamed Dayib Mohamed
  • Mayor
    • Steven Gander

Campaign Finance Information

All candidates and committees are required to file campaign finance reports. All reports are to be made available for public inspection.

Here are the links to the 2020 Campaign Financial Reports in the order as they were received.

Here are the links to the financial reports for the candidates who ran for office in 2018 in the order they filed for office.

Tim Johnson Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
Marc DeMers Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
Mary Ann Laxen Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
Brian S Larson Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
Stuart Minske Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
Dale Helms Campaign Finance Report (PDF)